Based on its experiences and unique know-hows accumulated for years, TCT(Turbo CAM Technology)focus all the strength and business capacity on promoting aerospace, defense and turbo machinery sectors.We specialize in five-axis processing of impellers, diffusers, fan blisks,inducers, naval propellers and various complex components of gas turbine engines, airframe structures, space vehicles, military equipment, ships and turbo machinery turbo compressors, turbo pumps, turbo chillers and turbo blowers.We are very proud of our quality system with ISO9001/AS9100 certifications and test equipment such as CMM, balancing M/C and form tracer; of our engineering capability including design and reverse engineering supported by with CAD/CAM S/W and own R&D department; and of manufacturing skills earned for 14 years and some fifty 5-axis/ 3-axis MCTs, and horizontal/ vertical CNC lathes. Thank you.
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Address: #22-1, 24 Seongsanpaechong-ro, Seongsan-gu,
Chanwon city, S.Korea 51576
Phone: (+82) 55-263-2730, Fax: (+82) 55-263-2734
E-mail: tct@tct.co.kr, Website: http://www.tct.co.kr